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Tattoo artist, black and grey, realism and lettering


Darick Tattoos

Thank you for your interest and trust in my work. My commitment is to provide you with an exceptional experience by delivering tattoos of the highest quality. 

Originally from Paris, France, I have recently relocated to the city of Montreal. Over my 13 years of experience, I have developed a specialization in black and gray tattooing. Explore my universe where realism, chicano, and calligraphy come together to bring unique artworks to life. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome, as each tattoo is the result of an authentic collaboration between you and me.

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* Each project is unique and requires a lot of time and involvement on my part, to finally be tattooed. This is why I encourage you to provide me with as clear and detailed a description of the project as possible.


After having completed the contact form with the various necessary information and photos, if your project is accepted (even rejected projects will receive a response), I will contact you to arrange a consultation at the salon (by videoconference for people coming from far away) to meet, discuss the project, its creation, the progress of the session(s) and to conclude, by making an appointment.